Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Most people I know have had a bad contractor experience to share. These experiences come in a variety of sizes, from bad workmanship, to unfinished jobs, to unforeseen cost over runs or in the worst case scenarios the contractor skips out with your money and does no work at all.

We have done several remodeling jobs in the house over the last few years and I can’t believe the bad luck we’ve had with hiring contractors and getting the work done!

The first home project involved putting in a new kitchen and redoing the upstairs bathroom. The contractor that we hired for that job ended up having to have surgery just before he was scheduled to start the job and sub-contracted the job out. What was supposed to take 3 days ended up taking over 3 months. Parts of the job were so botched up that the original contractor had to sub-contract the job out a second time to tear out and redo the mess that was left behind by the first guy.

The next project was to have (4) new doors installed upstairs. The contractor we hired for this job came highly recommended. He even told us we would never even know he was here. I should have known better. The work that was done was armature at best and he had to come back several times to redo it until it was right. We won’t even get into the cleaning bills for the bedding and/or the total mess he made not only upstairs but throughout the whole house . . . even the basement???

This year we decided to put in new sidewalks. Arrangements were made to have the old walks tore out and the new ones put in while we were on vacation the first part of June. When the house sitter called and told us no one had shown up to work on the walks we got a little worried and started making phone calls. After numerous phone calls we finally reached the contractor and were promised the job would be completed by the time we got home. The nightmare . . . it’s now July 13th (30 days later) and we still do not have walks put in. The yard is torn up, the grass is dying where the workers left their equipment and tools, and there are dangerous metal stakes holding the forms in place. If you are having any remodeling done . . . contact me and I’ll give you the names of the contractors we used so you don’t!

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