Wednesday, July 26, 2017

My new scrappy room

I have taken a room in our basement at the new house and transformed it into my happy place ... I'm in scrapbooking heaven! 
Here are a few photos of the finished room.
My mother-in-law was going to get rid of this old secretary but I'm using it for storage and to house my Cuttlebug and all my dies.
The shelves and containers were from my scrappy room at the old house and they just happened to work perfectly in this space too.
I love the see through containers.  Being able to see my supplies helps me to remember what I have ... and to use it.  Not that I'm a hoarder of scrappy supplies.
These baby bed springs made the best bulletin board.
Randy built my Cricut table.  There are shelves on  the sides of the table to hold all my cartridges and Cricut supplies.
I'm using my old dinning room table as my craft table. 
The large work area is great.
I have this thing about cowgirl boots ... do you think!?
Randy built these shelves so I could
display them and use them as part of my decor.