Sunday, September 26, 2010

40th Class Reunion

I attended my 40th class reunion last night; Shelby Senior High class of 1970. There was something momentous about this occasion. There were a few surprises . . . folks that were rail thin in high school had plumped up considerably. Others who were chunky had illogically thinned down. There was grey hair (mine included), and bald heads, and yes . . . wrinkles. But it was more than a gathering to compare weight gain and weight loss and hair colors and hairlines.

Our class was defined by; hippies, the drug culture, long hair, short dresses, denim, rock and roll and disobedience. It was a time that made us think, express and create in ways that still influence us today.

Way back in 1975 at the first class reunion you could spoof yourself into believing that you were immortal and that you would enjoy an endless succession of get-togethers. But after hitting 58, you cross the threshold of denial . . . it was reflected on the faces around me. Yes, we are aging . . . some more gracefully than others I might add. There were the usual assortment of mid-life health problems. Many were troubled with bad backs, hips and knees. I consider myself very fortunate and blessed indeed to not have any health problems.

Through all the passion and loathing, births and deaths, achievements and failures, the sorrows and the joys of living for 50 plus years . . . these are the people I knew way back when. The nerds, the partiers, the jocks, the clowns, and the dreamers and schemers. There is just something nostalgic about seeing old friends. Why is it that the stories never grow old . . . only the people who are telling them.

Judy, Cheryl, Me, Pam, Becky

Class of 1970

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  1. that is sooo exciting to go see all your friends!! great pics!!!