Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Modeling Paste/Custom Embellishments

I'm up on the Off The Rails Scrapbooking blog today, sharing a tutorial.

Modeling Paste: A matte, opaque mixture of marble dust and polymer emulsion that is used to build heavy textures and three-dimensional forms on flexible or rigid supports.

Modeling Paste is a staple in my arsenal of scrapbooking supplies.  I love using Modeling Paste along with a stencil to add texture to my pages.  I was sure that the use of this product could be expanded upon and that there were other creative possibilities waiting out there to be discovered.

What about using Modeling Paste to create custom embellishments?!

What you will need:
Craft Mat
Modeling Paste
Application Tool
Heavy Cardstock

 1)  I taped the white cardstock and the doily stencil to my craft mat.
2) I applied the Modeling Paste over the stencil with a
palette knife ( a little on the heavy side)

 3) The hardest part was letting it dry overnight (it needs to be completely dry)

 4) When the Modeling Paste was completely dry I fussy
cut the doilies and shapes from the cardstock

5) Voila ... custom embellishments

I added pearls for a little bling


The finished layout



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