Saturday, October 29, 2016

My Happy Place

I'm finally getting around to sharing my new scrappy space.

My scrap room has been in the basement for about 10 years.  This past June I decided it needed updating.  With Randy's help ... or should I say with my help, Randy remodeled my scrap room.
He painted the room ($150.00) and installed the shelving unit ($500.00).  He also made my window shelf ($45.00) and my Cricut table (200.00).  What a handy guy!
I'm somewhat of a scrap supply hoarder.  Having my supplies organized in clear plastic containers ($175.00) and glass jars helps me to see  what I have, so it can be used and not forgotten about.  All my supplies are within easy reach and everything has a place.  This room has become my happy place where I can create till my heart's content.
There is another room on the other side of the basement and that's where all the supplies I'm not using are stored (extra paper/cardstock, albums and card making supplies, etc.).

There are still some things that need to be done ...
I found the old kitchen tables at a thrift store ($45.00) and the legs need to be painted white.  I still need to hang up some pictures and display some crafty projects.  I would also like to cut out a saying in vinyl and put it on the door and/or walls.

Floor to ceiling shelving unit is from Lowes.  I painted two old
wood filing cabinets and placed them underneath the shelving unit. 
Buttons are stored in Starbucks bottles and small
embellishments are stored in little plastic jars. 
The clear plastic containers help me to see
where things are at a glance.
I got the paper storage rack on ebay years ago for $25.00.
Since this room is in the basement I didn't want to cover up the windows
and block any light coming in.  I think the rag banner is perfect. 
You can't really see them but I have started a collection or vintage floral pin frogs.
Randy made my window shelf out of an old window and some
knobs from Hobby Lobby.
Storing my flowers and small embellishments in clear
containers helps me to know what I have.
I use this table as a work station for cutting and embossing.
I find it much easier to stand while using my Cricut. 
Randy made me this table with shelves on three
sides of it for storing cartridges.
My creative station, where I actually work on my projects.
... and no it's not always this clean. 
Although I do clean up between working on projects.

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