Friday, January 1, 2016

Cowgirl Boots

For the last 6 years Randy and I have gone to Florida to visit our daughter and her family at Christmas. Taking the trip was our present to each other so we did not exchange gifts all those years. Besides if either of us wanted something we got it ourselves. (Ha! That’s what happens when you have been married 36 years.)

This year we went to Florida for Thanksgiving and did our Christmas with our daughter and her family during that visit. So we decided that we would spend Christmas at home and exchange gifts. With the announcement of exchanging gifts I was more than willing to give him a gift list.

I got some of the things on my Christmas Wish List … but I’ll say this … a great gift shows that you care enough about someone to really consider what they might like. Randy definitely thought about my personality when purchasing a pair of cowgirls boots. They weren’t even on my wish list, but something I have always wanted. So in honor of the great gift, I did my design team layout for the January Mood Board Reveal at Off The Rails Scrapbooking.

January Mood Board - the theme is "vintage"


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  1. Love the story and page about your Christmas gift, also love the colored and b&w photos of your boots!