Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tuesday's Tools, Tips & Techniques

Today I posted a tip for Tuesday Tools, Tips & Techniques at Turtle Soup.
When I’m working on paper crafting projects (other than scrapbooking layouts) I tend to use my hot glue gun a lot. I’m just going to say mine was a hot mess! I found it nearly impossible to keep clean. The metal tip had all this gunk on it, the plastic part had all this dried glue on it and even the handle was sticky … you get the picture. And trying to clean it up was another story. So I went out and purchased a new one, problem solved lol! Little did I know how easy a hot glue gun was to clean up. Until I came across this tip by Lindsay Ballard. She has come up with a new high-tech way to clean your glue gun … who would have thought of using a piece of tin foil? Not I! Check out her blog for the details.


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