Sunday, August 28, 2011

The end of summer . . . not really . . . but it is and I know it. I think that each year the end arrives earlier and earlier.

Ten signs that summer is ending:

1) Back to school sales
2) The bottle of aloe is empty
3) No more ice cream truck music
4) Its getting darker earlier
5) My skin is starting to dry out
6) The evenings are getting crisp and cool (unless you live in Texas).
7) Sweet corn is everywhere
8) and I just realized this one . . . the mall, the movie theater, and just public places in general have all changed. All those pesky, ill mannered teenagers whose parents dump them off (as if public places are a daycare for hormonal teenagers) are gone because school has started.
9) Summer items are seriously discounted
10) My flip-flops from Old Navy are paper thin

Creative road blocks happen to the best of us. You want to scrap but that design you have in your head is looking pretty boring.  I’ve found that there is nothing like a great sketch to get my mojo flowing. At My Sketch World you’ll find not only a stimulating monthly sketch on the blog, but access to past sketches that are sure to inspire you.

I used these sketches by Lucy Chesna (MSW) to get my mojo flowing:

My take on the sketch:

My take on the sketch:

My take on the sketch:

My take on the sketch and my first canvas work . . . and I love the way it turned out!

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  1. Wow Joan! You rocked the sketches and your canvas is gorgeous!