Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Crepe Paper Flower

For those of you who could not get into the tutorial:

What if . . .

What if you had an embellishment that you could use that would be a quick and easy way to add a feminine touch to any of your crafting projects?
What if this embellishment was easy to alter and could be used in a variety of ways?
What if this embellishment seemed to have no limits, in-that it could be used on masculine projects too?
Well you’re in luck! Flowers are a hot trend in paper crafting and you can make your own, they couldn’t be easier. Take these adorable little flowers made from Crepe Paper streamers for instance.

Supplies needed for each flower:
1 yard of (any color) Crepe Paper Streamers
Scalloped scissors
Glue ( I used Scotch brand Scrapbooker’s Glue)
1 brad

You will need to cut 9 circles from the Crepe Paper using the scalloped scissors.

3 circles that are approximately 1 ¾”
3 circles that are approximately 1 ½”
3 circles that are approximately 1”

(The circles do not need to be perfect.)

Glue the circles together by placing one drop of glue in the center of each circle and staking the circles on top of each other largest to smallest.
Let it dry completely.

Punch a hole in the center of the circles, through all 6 layers and insert a brad.

With your fingers crumble the layers for the desired finished look.

I used the one I made on this card -

Happy flower making !

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