Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tuesday Tip

I have the Tuesday Tips, Tools and Techniques Challenge at Turtle Soup today.  Be sure to check out Turtle Soup to see the other inspiring challenges that are posted this week by the Design Team.
I think every scrapbooker has a stash of letter stickers … I do. I have a wide variety of letter stickers that are plain, colorful, patterned and in all sizes.

On this layout I used a different letter sticker style for each word/line.

Here are ten other ideas for using up those letter stickers:

1) Create an accent with someone’s initials
2) When making a title, use a different style of letter sticker for each letter of the title
3) To highlight a word, replace one word in your journaling with letter stickers
4) To create a bold title, draw a box around each letter sticker
5) Embellish letter stickers with glitter
6) Use a letter sticker as the first letter of a paragraph
7) Stitch on letter stickers
8) Layer letter stickers, to create a 3-dimensional effect
9) Place letter stickers over a photo, as a caption
10) Embellish letter stickers with sequins

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