Saturday, March 3, 2012

Paper Flower:

I loved these, the first time I saw them on a layout and thought I’ll have to try that. You know, one of those things you add to your to - do - list and then never get to it. Well never say never. When I went to make them, the directions I had did not make sense to me. So through trial and error I came up with my own version . . . have fun making them.

You will need:
Double sided patterned paper
Or two different patterned papers
A circle punch or cutter
(I cut my circles at 2 ¼” with my Cricut using the Accent Essentials cart.)
Button or brad

Cut out eight circles using the double sided patterned paper
Or sixteen circles (eight from each piece of patterned paper
If you’re using the two pieces of patterned paper (like I did), glue two pieces together (one from each piece of patterned paper). Make sure the patterns are facing out. These circles will form your flower pedals.
Let dry.
(In the following picture I actually cut enough circles to make two flowers.)

Fold each circle in half one way, open it up and fold it in half the other way. Your circles will be divided into fourths.

Using your fold line as a guide, fold each side in so you form a point.

Flip the circle over and fold the sides back again forming a point.

Do the same with all eight circles.

Cut another circle to use as the backing of your flower. It can be a little bigger than the circles you used for your flower pedals.
Cover the circle you will use as the back of your flower with adhesive.

Attach four of the flower pedals - top, bottom, and two sides. Then go back and attach the other four pedals (overlapping slightly).

Add a button or brad to the middle and Voila!

I sprayed mine with Glimmer Mist.

Now I have another technique I can check off my list.

Be sure to check out My Sketch World this month.  Not only have Lucy and Nicole provided a variety of  FUN and INSPIRING challenges, there is also a Design Team call going on.
I'm hoping I can find some scrapppy time this weekend!?

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  1. Great tutorial! Beautiful flower and layout Joan!